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Book Research Challenges

Book research can mean travel or contacting primary sources or searching online or a combination. Whatever form it takes, I find research always interesting and often fascinating. I have to hold myself back from oversharing in my novels. For Primal … Continue reading

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Wildlife in Our Own Backyard

It’s no secret that I’m a huge animal lover. Whether it’s cats, dogs, cows, or porcupines (oh, how I love the porcupine – despite unpleasant encounters we’ve had with past pups of mine), my heart goes a little aflutter whenever … Continue reading

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Falling Into The Precipice

¬†By Brenda Buchanan Paul Doiron was in my doghouse last week. His newest Mike Bowditch novel, The Precipice, had me awake until well after midnight two nights in a row, and I’m a girl who needs her sleep. The book … Continue reading

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