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Trivia as a Research Sport

I posted this a few years ago, but I’m so busy with a new and dramatically different project (news coming this fall!), I thought it might be okay to share again. My name is Susan and I’m a trivia junkie. … Continue reading

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Book Research Challenges

Book research can mean travel or contacting primary sources or searching online or a combination. Whatever form it takes, I find research always interesting and often fascinating. I have to hold myself back from oversharing in my novels. For Primal … Continue reading

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Wildlife in Our Own Backyard

It’s no secret that I’m a huge animal lover. Whether it’s cats, dogs, cows, or porcupines (oh, how I love the porcupine – despite unpleasant encounters we’ve had with past pups of mine), my heart goes a little aflutter whenever … Continue reading

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Falling Into The Precipice

 By Brenda Buchanan Paul Doiron was in my doghouse last week. His newest Mike Bowditch novel, The Precipice, had me awake until well after midnight two nights in a row, and I’m a girl who needs her sleep. The book … Continue reading

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