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Today, Dorothy is recovering from having fun with her friends at Malice Domestic, so instead of her gentle humor, we’re sharing photos of where we write, the view from where we write, the chaos in which we write, and other glimpses into the world of the working writer.

Kate Flora: As a writer with dual citizenship (Massachusetts and Maine) who is currently working in Virginia, where I’ve written a hundred and sixty-seven pages plus a short story in the past ten days, I have a lot of places where I sit to write. Here’s my current office and some other writing spaces. Note: they are usually covered with so many books and papers, no one can see the desktop.)

Barb: This is my writing space in Key West. I call this photo, “On a Deadline.”

Brenda Buchanan, here. I write upstairs in our home, sometimes in a room overlooking the back yard, other times in a room with an aerial photo of Casco Bay (with Peaks Island in the distance) above the desk to remind me to get my feet off the ground.

No matter where I write, the essentials always are at hand: Water (to stay hydrated), hand lotion and lip balm (good to use when pondering the perfect word for a particular situation) and eye drops to ease the strain of sitting in front of a screen for hours on end.


Joseph Souza: My son is in one of my writing places right now. But since I don’t really have a writing place, let’s say pretend it is. The truth is, I write everywhere. Trains, planes and automobiles. My iPad had  liberated me. No desk. No writing place. No ball and chain to keep me tethered. No library of classics I’ve never read. Every one of my novels has been written on my iPad. Wherever I am I write. Hopper. Bar. Coffee shop. Pizza restaurants. Waiting for the doctor or dentist. Or palm reader or psychic. In between periods of my son’s hockey games or between innings of my dauhter’s softball games. I once wrote a paragraph in my car waiting for the light to turn green. I exist therefore I write. I can write through wars, riots, and the zombie apocalypse. Anyone ever tells you they can’t finish their novel because they have no writing space, tell em to come talk to me, I”ve knocked out 9 books all over Maine and beyond. My latest, THE NEIGHBOR, own now available at a bookstore near you.

Sandra Neily: Well, I have used the spacious Midcoast Hospital cafeteria when, in my coastal location (with husband Bob), there are too many relatives  sleeping in my space. Great wifi. Free coffee and tea. Avoid during flu season. But my favorite place to write is my home/camp next to Moosehead Lake. I don’t have pics of work sprawled on my massive dining table or my mother’s antique desk in a windowless corner where I am forced to churn out pages and nudge spiders to the floor. Known as Antler Camp in my novel “Deadly Trespass,”  bringing it to life on the page gives me great comfort. (Sometimes we can’t get out the door … .)



Part of Lea Wait’s study, with reference books and a Winslow Homer engraving & Red Sox cap

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  1. John Lovell says:

    Joseph Souza, I would love to know which writing app you use on your iPad, and how you chose it. Thanks! —John Lovell

  2. Vida Antolin-Jenkins says:

    Thanks for the insight. And Joseph Souza, thanks for the reminder that “no time” is really just an excuse!

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