Living the Dream: The Writers’ Life

Authors write. No doubt about it. But in today’s world we also blog, speak at conferences, bookstores, libraries and schools, post on social media, send newsletters or notes to fans, and appear in venues as varied as 2500 person auditoriums and tables in farmers’ markets.

But, always, the building blocks of our writing lives are research, plotting, writing, and editing.

Lea’s Next Book, Which Ships March 27

In 2016 my eighteenth book was published, and I wrote numbers nineteen and twenty, which will appear in 2017, and one book that did not sell.  I did promotional events on 43 days, wrote over fifty blogs, and sent over 7,000 postcards to fans telling them about new releases. And — oh, yes. I wrote proposals for six books, revised proposals for five others, and started research for another book.

I spent more time on marketing-related work than on actual writing and editing, even if you add in the preparation need for writing.

In 2017 I’m hoping to write more, even if that means a little less promoting. So far I have one contracted book due, one I’m hoping to finish researching and then write, and later this month I’ll be writing a proposal for three additional books in one of my current series, at least one of which would be written in 2017.

Yesterday I stopped in to donate some books to the elementary school in my town, and the librarian there (this is Maine — she’s also a published author,) said, “You’re living the dream!”

And I am. I’m living in the place I want to be, with the man I love, doing what I’ve always wanted to do. Every day I’m very aware of that, and very thankful for the life I’m living.

And, in 2017, I hope to write more, relax more, say “no” sometimes, and appreciate how lucky I am.

In the meantime, I’m cleaning out my desk, sorting stacks of accumulated folders, writing proposals, doing taxes, and planning for the next two books I’ll be writing and the next book I promote.

And – I’m also hoping to get a little more sleep in 2017.

Happy New Year to all my friends who are writers or readers! It’s time to begin again. And we’re lucky to be doing that.

About Lea Wait

I write mysteries - the Mainely Needlepoint, Shadows Antique Print and, coming in June of 2018, the Maine Murder mysteries (under the name Cornelia Kidd.) When I was single I was an adoption advocate and adopted my four daughters. Now my mysteries and novels for young people are about people searching for love, acceptance, and a place to call home. My website is To be on my mailing list, send me a note at
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8 Responses to Living the Dream: The Writers’ Life

  1. Lea:
    You are amazing. Living the life you want isn’t always without kinks in it, is it? I know the feeling. All we can do is persevere and keep on writing and sending out manuscripts and researching and cooking and cleaning and the whole world around us that we need to survive. You are a wonderful woman, and I admire you tremendously. Live long and prosper, Sherie

  2. Gram says:

    Looking forward to all those new books!

  3. Lea Wait says:

    Sheri, thank you! I’m humbled … and continuing. And — Gram -coming soon! As long as I have readers … I’ll be writing!

  4. Ah, the glamour of the writer’s life! Great to get an early look at the next cover. Is that perhaps a scene in an art gallery?

    • Lea Wait says:

      It is, indeed, Kaitlyn! I’ve never answered the question of why Sarah, a 32-year-old Aussie, owns an antiques shop on the coast of Maine — so Tightening the Threads is “Sarah’s story” — and it turns out (sh!) it’s related to her friendship with Ted Lawrence, who runs the local art gallery in Haven Harbor. So — yes — the picture on the cover is a gallery set for an opening ….

  5. Great blog post, Lea! Happy New Year to you!

  6. Lea, Your post makes me feel like I’m barely conscious. Congratulations on a very productive year, and I hope 2017 is equally satisfying. I’m keeping your blog post as a reminder of how much more I could get done.

  7. Lea Wait says:

    Susan – There’s always more to do … I’ve decided “relaxing” and “enjoying life” should be on the “to do” list, too!

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