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Right Up There With Al, Leslie and Tex

John Clark on an unusual geographic phenomenon, one found only in Maine and Vermont. I’m talking gores which are described thusly. “A gore is an irregular parcel of land, as small as a triangle of median in a street intersection … Continue reading

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Fern Gagne was under the weather. It was an expression he’d used and heard others use many times in his 53 years, but it was never like this. This was hellaciously serious and he doubted any physician, especially in rural … Continue reading

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Put That Body in the Right Spot, Boy

John Clark discussing three very handy references if you want to write real Maine fiction. Way back in the 1990s when I taught Information Technology at Central Maine Community College, one of the things I tried to get my students … Continue reading

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One Day in Pictures

John Clark sharing a road trip Beth and I took a few weeks ago. If you remember my last post, I talked about some of the roads in Maine where photo opportunities abounded. My eye tends to catch the smaller … Continue reading

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When All We Had Was Q

John Clark with my thoughts on Pride Month. I grew up in a small Maine town where the only minority group I knew about was my classmate Nancy Simmons…She was Catholic. That’s how isolated and unaware we were in the … Continue reading

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Harold and Kumar took a Pass, But Bill and Ted Came Along on My Excellent Adventures

John Clark on the day following the election, feeling like a winner even though I only received 35% of the votes cast in Maine House District 105. How can that be? Read on. It started with a message on my … Continue reading

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Remote, but Connected-The other Maine

John Clark slowly melting like the Wicked Witch of the West on a brutal August afternoon. After three months out knocking on doors and listening to people in Somerset County, any doubts about there being two Maines are long gone. … Continue reading

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Semi-wilderness Saturday

John Clark sharing the excursion Beth and I took last Saturday. While we’ve visited a great deal of Maine, neither of us had explored the chunk that lies north of the Airline and east of I-95 save for a trip … Continue reading

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