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Rejection—Part Two by Barbara Ross

I wrote earlier this week about how I’ve experienced the act of rejecting as an editor. Today I want to talk about how I’ve come to think about rejection from the other side, as a writer. Honestly, haven’t handled it … Continue reading

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David Hockney by Barbara Ross

In 1975 at the end of a long post-college tour of Europe, I came around a corner in the Tate (now Tate London) and was stopped in my tracks by a painting. It grabbed my attention so aggressively; I literally … Continue reading

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Inspiration…and Perspiration

Hi. Barb here. This month I wrote a short story. I won’t give it away, but the central idea of it, the “thing” if you will, is so macabre and weird that people in my writers group asked, “How in … Continue reading

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It’s Been a While Since I Killed Somebody

Hi. Barb here. I thought about the title for this blog because with all the holiday hoopla, including shopping in my pajamas, making cookies and gathering with family, I realized I hadn’t blogged much about the Crime part in Maine … Continue reading

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Barbara Ross: An Ambitious Woman

Paul Doiron here — One of the great pleasures for me of becoming part of Maine Crime Writers was getting to know authors after having read (at best in some cases) a single book of theirs or having met them once … Continue reading

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A Writer’s Weather Report

Kate: Many years ago, when my first book came out, I was at Malice Domestic, one of the big national writers’ conferences, and I was assigned to a panel about weather. It sounded like a dull topic, just the kind … Continue reading

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On Being the Boss

Barb here. In August of 2010, I was standing at a crossroads. On August 5th, Wimba, the ed tech company where I was Chief Operating Officer, was acquired by Blackboard, Inc. On August 18th, my first mystery novel, The Death … Continue reading

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