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Brothers in Kind

They were passing acquaintances. The older man would nod when he saw him crossing the road, or when they met in the man’s orchard. He sensed an aura of sadness whenever they crossed paths and had once overheard the retired … Continue reading

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Snow Days

Happy Thanksgiving, all! It’s been an uncharacteristically snowy one here – very snowy, as a matter of fact. We typically don’t see this amount of the white stuff until late December – contrary to popular belief, not every Christmas is … Continue reading

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Of Pilgrims, Plymouth & the Roots of a Writer

A long time ago the Pilgrims sailed, to find a brand new land. They wanted to worship God themselves, not by the King’s command. So begins an eight-verse epic poem written by yours truly, Vicki, in November of 1971. I was … Continue reading

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