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Crime Bake Report

Brenda Buchanan here, two days after returning from the ‘Bake, grateful I had the opportunity to spend last weekend hanging out with a bunch of my crime writing pals. For the uninitiated, the ‘Bake is shorthand for the New England Crime Bake, an … Continue reading

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Mystery writers: truly a community, and the best kind

OK, Maine Crime Writers fans, the mystery of the missing blog post has been solved. Because here it is. Sorry it’s a little late today. OK, a lot late. But you know what I DID do today? I signed up … Continue reading

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Want to get your book published? Start with a Crimebake

Hi all, Maureen here. Sorry this is a little late this morning. Must still be recovering from this year’s excellent New England Crime Bake. Some of you may be asking, “So, what’s a Crime Bake?” Eight years ago, I would … Continue reading

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Lea Wait, here. And I’m grumbling that it’s November. True, Maine enjoyed a glorious summer. Our only complaint was that some days were a bit too hot and humid. (Only people in New England would complain about temperatures in the high 80s.) … Continue reading

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A Change of Plan

Hello again from Sarah Graves, who has planned for traveling but  has not been doing so. For instance: The 2014 Crime Bake in Dedham, Massachusetts was great, I hear. I was supposed to learn this in person, but with my bags packed, … Continue reading

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The Style is in the Bag

from The Maine Festival of the Book               Lea Wait, here. Not usually your style correspondent. Admittedly, those of us who live in Maine have our own definition of style.  I’m not the first on … Continue reading

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The Pros and Cons of Mystery Conferences, or, You Didn’t Need Your Liver, Did You?

JULIA: If you’re a mystery reader or an aspiring author, at some point some one is going to say to you, “Hey! You should go to a con!” You’ll think about it. The chance to mingle with glamorous superstars of … Continue reading

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