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Looking For A Great Weekend Adventure?

Looking For A Great Weekend Adventure? John Clark letting you in on one of my favorite spots in Maine, one I first discovered more than 40 years ago. George Hall, Mike DeSisto and I worked together at the old Augusta … Continue reading

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Three Dead Guys Walk into a Bar

There is a bar in Somerset County. Biker gangs and cops avoid it for very good reasons. It caters to the dead. A select few living souls are permitted to stop in if invited by one of the regulars. I’m … Continue reading

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A late Winter Sport, Sorta

John Clark remembering past experiences with Maine town meetings, as well as what goes on behind the scenes in order for them to happen. If you live in a city or larger municipality, chances are you’ve never had a chance … Continue reading

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Harold and Kumar took a Pass, But Bill and Ted Came Along on My Excellent Adventures

John Clark on the day following the election, feeling like a winner even though I only received 35% of the votes cast in Maine House District 105. How can that be? Read on. It started with a message on my … Continue reading

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Remote, but Connected-The other Maine

John Clark slowly melting like the Wicked Witch of the West on a brutal August afternoon. After three months out knocking on doors and listening to people in Somerset County, any doubts about there being two Maines are long gone. … Continue reading

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Take the Next Left—Or Monty Python Hopes to Go to Augusta

John Clark on a big change in my life. In hindsight it probably began the day Donald Trump was elected. To say a chill came over the Clark household would be a huge understatement. It’s hard to say whether despair … Continue reading

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Out to Canaan, or Some Assembly Required

John Clark on the democratic process.   I got involved in politics during the Vietnam War and learned in the process that individuals really could make a difference. Unfortunately my addictions got in the way of continuing to have any … Continue reading

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the Death of an Old Family Friend

John Clark reprising a piece I wrote for Wolf Moon Journal back in 2005 in the hope it brightens your day as we creep into February. On the Death of An Old Family Friend When you marry, you gain more … Continue reading

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Hartland, Maine: Hardscrabble?-Yes, Heartless?-Not by a Longshot.

John Clark here, bringing you to Harland, Maine. Snow came today, giving our town a fresh clean look. Real wreaths with lights swing from utility poles all over town, hung up and plugged in by the town crew last Friday. A big, … Continue reading

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And The Band Plays On

If you live in rural Maine, chances are you have multiple income streams going to keep the wolf away from the door. You have to because depending on the hardscrabble economy’s vagaries, some of those will get dammed upstream by … Continue reading

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