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And It Came To Pass

A darkness was spreading over the world and had covered a frightening portion before the Cosmic Caretaker noticed. They had been so engrossed in the latest book borrowed from the Library at the Center of the Universe, their dereliction of … Continue reading

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It’s Fall In The County

Vaughn C. Hardacker here: Earlier this month my partner Jane and I decided to fire up the ATV and embark on our annual Leaf Peep Excursion into the north Maine woods.  I would like to say that this years experience was … Continue reading

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Three Dead Guys Walk into a Bar

There is a bar in Somerset County. Biker gangs and cops avoid it for very good reasons. It caters to the dead. A select few living souls are permitted to stop in if invited by one of the regulars. I’m … Continue reading

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A Glorious Fall in Camelot

By James Hayman As I’ve written previously in this blog, weather plays a key role in my second book, The Chill of Night, which centered around one of the most brutally cold winters any of the characters in the book … Continue reading

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