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Memories of Notre Dame de Paris

Susan Vaughan here. I’d planned a different topic for this post, but fate sent me a different direction. I was horrified on Monday to learn of the blaze and watch the flames that destroyed much of Paris’s iconic Notre Dame … Continue reading

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Susan Vaughan here. I recently returned from a trip to France. Before I go further, I should mention that I have degrees in French literature, and when I was twenty-one, I spent a summer studying in Paris and living with … Continue reading

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We Are Charlie

Yesterday morning’s news from Paris has rocked me to my core.  As I made my morning cup of Irish breakfast tea I heard the report on NPR:  twelve people killed in a terror attack at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, … Continue reading

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La Police Parisienne

When a felon’s not engaged in his employment Or maturing his felonious little plan His capacity for innocent enjoyment Is just as great as any honest man Lyrics from A Policeman’s Lot, The Pirates of Penzance Hi. Barb here and … Continue reading

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Musing on Muses

Kate Flora here, just back from six days in Paris and nursing a miserable airplane cold. Lest you get too jealous, let me assure you that it rained every day and was colder than Maine. But it was lovely. As … Continue reading

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The Dying of the Light

Kate Flora here. As you are reading this, I am in Paris, walking on the left bank and eating croissants and sipping small coffees in sidewalk cafes. But it did not feel like Paris, or anything pleasant, on Monday in Harpswell, … Continue reading

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Our Bucket Lists

Lea Wait:  Sorting through papers this month (January is that sort of month) I found a sheet of yellow legal paper dated July 6, 2000 on which I’d written a list of goals. I’d moved to Maine 18 months before then, … Continue reading

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Celebrating October 28: A Love Story Lea Wait

Today my husband, Bob Thomas, and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary. We’ve been married 8 years. Practically newlyweds, considering our (sh!) ages.  But, of course, there’s a story behind every marriage. Our story began April 1, 1968. (Yes, we … Continue reading

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