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Brothers in Kind

They were passing acquaintances. The older man would nod when he saw him crossing the road, or when they met in the man’s orchard. He sensed an aura of sadness whenever they crossed paths and had once overheard the retired … Continue reading

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Comforting the Living By Speaking For the Dead

John Clark with a slightly different theme today. Give me a funeral over a wedding any day. No expensive gift, no annoying DJ telling everyone who to dance with and when, nobody waltzing around snapping annoying photos, dress is usually … Continue reading

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Sam’s Ghost

I’ve had plenty of ‘by myself’ time in the past several months. With Beth going to Belgrade 5 days a week to take care of our grandson, that leaves me, Bernie (our dog) and my thoughts. I’ve noticed I’m spending … Continue reading

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A Town Without City

John Clark returning to wrap up our 27 years in Chelsea. First off, one thing that struck Beth and I when we moved to Hartland was the immediate sense of community. Yes, it was a hardscrabble town with plenty of … Continue reading

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It's Her Face

John Clark apologizing in advance for a long post. It’s something I wrote many years ago. This year has brought more losses of friends than any I can recall., so I’ve been remembering some of the people who stayed with … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye to Mister Roger

John Clark here to share some memories of good times I had with a friend who left us last week. I’ve never had an abundance of friends, well close ones anyway. It never seemed to work out for more than … Continue reading

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A Walking Tour of Littlehope, Maine

Jen Blood here, taking a break from full-on immersion in the next novel to spend a little time at Maine Crime. THE DARKEST THREAD is technically the first book in a new series featuring K-9 search and rescue handler Jamie Flint, … Continue reading

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Grail Quest

John Clark sharing a series find in young adult fiction. Years ago, I deliberately avoided reading any of the Harry Potter books until I finished the second book in my own YA fantasy series. Once I got into them, I … Continue reading

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Lobster Wars Go Global

Listen to today’s news in Maine and you’ll hear about an ongoing dispute between our state and Canada, a disagreement over lobster that has folks on both sides of the border seeing red. Vicki Doudera here, wondering this: what it … Continue reading

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