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Imagination Widens The World

A “ghost post” this week from the late country-living writer, A. Carman Clark, whose columns appeared for years in the Camden Herald. This one is from December 17th, 1992, but it is still timely as we enter the season of … Continue reading

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Another Lesson From Mom

John Here: Kate and I refer to our late mother, A. Carman Clark, quite frequently in our blog entries. Mom was not only one heck of an interesting woman, she was extremely talented and it was a given that sometime … Continue reading

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Nostalgia Illuminated

Kate Flora┬áhere, a few days after the 4th, still basking in the fun of a perfect family holiday as we head off to the Samoset, in Rockland, for a family wedding. On the 4th, we did all the right Maine … Continue reading

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The Story of How the Orange Mailbox Came to Be

Since yesterday was the 4th of July, and the 44th anniversary of the dastardly deed that started the creation of my late mother’s world famous icon, it’s a good time to share how it came about. I was home from … Continue reading

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The Maine Mulch Murder nonfiction edition

Kate and I inherited numerous things from our late mother, A. Carman Clark. In addition to getting her writing fascination with language genes, we also acquired her sense of culinary adventure and her love of gardening. This latter one wasn’t … Continue reading

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April Picnic on a Maine Hilltop

This is another “ghost post” from John Clark and Kate Flora’s late mother, the writer A. Carman Clark. For over 50 years, she lived on a hilltop in Union, Maine, closely observing the seasons on her farm. One of her … Continue reading

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What Are You Waiting For?

This is a “ghost post” from John Clark’s late mother, A. Carman Clark, gardener, writer, newspaper columnist, role model: I’m skinny-dipping at dawn, disturbing the glass surface of the pond by rolling like a dolphin. Three loons glide out of … Continue reading

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