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The Pursuit of Happiness

Kate Flora: This summer I’m facing down another birthday and struggling with a massive nonfiction writing project. To counterbalance my seemingly infinite “to do” list and the sense that I never get my homework done, I’m also exploring the question of … Continue reading

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Don’t Come to Bailey Island . . .unless you have time to savor it

Kate Flora here, following on Sarah’s footsteps. Sometimes it seems all Maine crime writers are starting to think alike. The snow has finally melted. The gardens are slowly coming to life. Very slowly this year, it seems. And now we are … Continue reading

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The Scents and Sounds of Summer

Kate Flora, amazed that suddenly it is August and there is already an unwanted nip in morning air. As I’m sinking into a new book, and feeling like I need a tune-up, I’ve been trying to do some of the … Continue reading

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Nostalgia Illuminated

Kate Flora here, a few days after the 4th, still basking in the fun of a perfect family holiday as we head off to the Samoset, in Rockland, for a family wedding. On the 4th, we did all the right Maine … Continue reading

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The Real-Life Genesis of the Bad Guy

Kate Flora here, expanding on a topic I discussed recently with an audience at the Curtis Library in Brunswick: how we draw on real world experiences to develop the character and psychology of our bad guys. The story goes like this: … Continue reading

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Sharing Some Favorite Maine Places

Kate Flora here, thinking about summer in Maine, and some of my favorite places. I’m about to embark on a trip out to Washington County, where I’m sure I’ll add more to the list. For today, though, I’m going to pick … Continue reading

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