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Just Hold Your Nose and Write

“Just hold your nose and write,” is my friend Hallie Ephron’s motto. Hallie has a new book coming out in March, Night, Night, Sleep Tight, a novel of suspense about Hollywood in the 1950s and 1980s. If you’ve never read … Continue reading

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Perfectionism and Shitty First Drafts

Vicki Doudera here with you today, thinking about the process of putting a book on paper, largely because I’m doing just that in between our various Christmas traditions and festivities. I had tea with a good friend the other day, … Continue reading

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What’s the best writing advice you ever got?

Kate Flora here, starting a discussion with my fellow writers about the advice we’ve been given along the way. What are some of the things other writers, or writing teachers, have told you, that stick in your mind and inform … Continue reading

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Never mind what mother told you. . .

It’s Kate, and I’m talking today about teaching. A writer has to listen. That’s what I tell my writing students. As they sit there around the table, pens poised for the wisdom that a 28-year writer might have to impart, … Continue reading

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