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Never Assume Something Is wasted

John Clark on a manic writing binge. Remember the heated pool from my Places of Power post? Something else kicked the creativity from my mornings in hot water into overdrive. I’m not making any attempt to sell you something, but … Continue reading

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Where do writers get their ideas? Try right outside your door

As anyone who reads this blog, or anything written by any writers anywhere, knows, one of the top questions for fiction writers is… wait for it… “Where do you get your ideas?” We’ve discussed this before. You know we have. … Continue reading

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Channeling Luigi Pirandello

John Clark, offering free characters to anyone who wants (or dares) to use them. They’re in honor of a play I’ve never seen, but love the title. “Six Characters in Search of an Author by Luigi Pirandello, written and first … Continue reading

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Top ingredient for successful writing: Imagination

One thing that always gets a laugh when I give an author talk is when I tell the audience that I always expect to find a body when I open the door of an outhouse at a state park or … Continue reading

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What scares the Maine Crime Writers?

BOO! Scared you, right? Okay, maybe not. But it’s Halloween and there are a lot of scary things in this world. And we’re not even talking about politics. Ever wonder what scares the Maine Crime Writers? Let’s find out. MAUREEN … Continue reading

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Imagination Widens The World

A “ghost post” this week from the late country-living writer, A. Carman Clark, whose columns appeared for years in the Camden Herald. This one is from December 17th, 1992, but it is still timely as we enter the season of … Continue reading

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It’s Just My Imagination . . . musings by Kate Flora

A few years ago, at one of those A-list parties where I was surrounded by some of those “famous” authors whose books are on all our shelves, I was working on an assignment to write a column for a magazine. … Continue reading

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