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A Public Service From Your Friendly Local Mystery Writer

I’m not a morning person, until recently tending to read well into the night, but COVID-19 has been altering that. Beth has difficulty sleeping, so she’s often up around 3 am. I don’t get up that early, but an aging … Continue reading

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That’s No Earthquake, It’s Shakespeare Rolling In His Grave

We’re nicely settled in. Beth has painted all but one room, while I’ve helped hang pictures, quilt racks, etc. My major efforts have gone toward clearing the twenty or so feet of jungle at the back of the property. Our … Continue reading

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Jessie: In NH where a Baltimore Oriole is perched on the flowering quince in the back yard. For Mother’s Day yesterday my beloved husband gifted me with a new sewing machine. I am absolutely thrilled. I received my first machine … Continue reading

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Unbombing the F-Word

John Clark here: Some time ago, I think I shared a most vivid memory from a time when Kate and I discovered the shocking power of F-Bombs (keep in mind we’re talking late 1950s-early 1960s). There was an episode in … Continue reading

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Green Zen

John Clark on something that you might not think has much to do with writing. Read on and decide for yourself. Remember when you were a kid? Think for a moment about some of the things you were absolutely convinced … Continue reading

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Easing Out of March While Playing God’s Pinball Machine

  John Clark emptying out the post-winter drippings in the brain pan, something I encourage others to consider. After a winter spent primarily reading (and reviewing) voraciously, I’ve started writing what may be a novella, or might stretch into another … Continue reading

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Jessie: In a tiny village surrounded by leaf piles If you get a bunch of writers together and wait for the conversation to scratch down to the things that matter it becomes clear that we all have something in common: a challenging … Continue reading

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