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A Revising We Will Go

Kaitlyn Dunnett/Kathy Lynn Emerson here. I’ve written before about my writing process, one that includes a great deal of revising. Usually, I start with a very short rough draft and the book gets longer with each pass. This time around, … Continue reading

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One Scene at a Time

Kaitlyn Dunnett/Kathy Lynn Emerson here, blogging today about what, for lack of a better word, I’ll call the milestone I aim for when I sit down to begin my day’s work. I gather I’m a bit of an oddball. Most … Continue reading

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Talking Heads

Kaitlyn Dunnett here. Earlier this month I finished the first of numerous drafts of what will eventually be published in 2016 as the tenth Liss MacCrimmon mystery, Kilt at the Highland Games. My preferred name for this version is the … Continue reading

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How Kaitlyn Revises a WIP

On April 10th, I blogged about the rough draft of my next Liss MacCrimmon Scottish-American Heritage Mystery. (See https://mainecrimewriters.com/kaitlyns-posts/rough-drafts) At that time, I was about to put it aside for at least a month to give this work-in-progress (WIP) a chance … Continue reading

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Interview with Sylvie Kurtz

Please welcome New Hampshire writer Sylvie Kurtz to Maine Crime Writers. Sylvie graciously agreed to be interviewed here today. Kaitlyn Dunnett: You’ve written some twenty novels, varying from paranormals to the six-book Seekers series for Harlequin Intrigue to stand-alone novels … Continue reading

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Time To Write …. Lea Wait

“If only I had the time, I’d write a book, too …” How many times has every author heard that? And smiled. Because … no one ever has enough time. I wrote my first book (my first mystery – Shadows … Continue reading

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