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I’m Back

Vaughn Hardacker here: As many of you know, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Truthfully, it’s been a long time since I’ve done any serious writing. We’ve all known that this past year and a half have been tough … Continue reading

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Writing After The Pandemic

I’ve been thinking lately about a literature class I took in high school that focused on the work of some of the most well-known writers of the early twentieth century. While the old-school denizens of the English Department marched us … Continue reading

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Feeling blue? The you-know-what that starts with p got you down? You aren’t alone. Liquor sales are up. Many people report insomnia, lack of interest in activities they previously did daily or weekly, and downright depression. I know at least … Continue reading

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What I Did During My Government Imposed Covid-19 Imprisonment

Vaughn C. Hardacker here: Since March of 2020 we have had an entirely different way of living forced upon us. For three months most of our retail stores have been closed, we’ve had to adapt to wearing face masks (although … Continue reading

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Maine Librarians Can!

This will go down in history as the summer of can’t. Can’t experience the anticipatory happiness of hearing musicians tuning up to play a concerto. Can’t applaud as the Pride or Independence Day parade marches by. Can’t take in a … Continue reading

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My Thoughts Are Like Sanderlings

During this trying time my brain frequently skitters from thought to thought in approximately the same manner as this flock of sanderlings feeding along the line of an incoming tide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uh71ExBEXfI The best I can do under the circumstances is … Continue reading

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