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That’s No Earthquake, It’s Shakespeare Rolling In His Grave

We’re nicely settled in. Beth has painted all but one room, while I’ve helped hang pictures, quilt racks, etc. My major efforts have gone toward clearing the twenty or so feet of jungle at the back of the property. Our … Continue reading

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Gettin’ The Move On

John Clark on the next chapter in the Clark family saga. After 16 years in Hartland, we’re heading south. Not way south like Florida, but real Mainer south. In our case, Waterville is where we’ll be settling down in a … Continue reading

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Playing With House Money In A Room Full Of Ghosts

John Clark feeling a mix of relief and frustration on a chilly Thursday night. On the Sunday before the election, a large poplar toppled over onto our back lawn. I really didn’t want it lying there all winter, but my … Continue reading

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The Watch House, or screwing around all winter

My friend Holly Schindler is posting about her less than successful efforts to declutter on Facebook this week. I can empathize as can Sister Kate. Neither of us has recovered from the nearly three year odyssey known as cleaning out … Continue reading

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