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Looking at Shame and Slipped Disks in an entirely different way

John Clark reflecting on a couple accomplishments from my checkered library career. One, The Publishers’ Hall of Shame, ended in 2008, but made a real impact on both the library and publishing world. It began while I was the mental … Continue reading

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Writers: Make audio one of the tools in the marketing chest

It’s no secret that authors these days have to be multi-taskers. No rest for the weary writer once the book is written. Even the authors who have the best publishing deals have to be on social media, know how to … Continue reading

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Hey writers, hearing is believing: Let’s go to the audio book

Hi, Maureen here. I’m not a person who listens to audio books much. Or at all, really. I’m not against them, they’re just not my thing. But I was intrigued at this year’s New England Crime Bake when fellow mystery … Continue reading

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