6 Responses to As American as a Bailey Island Ice Cream Social

  1. Deanna Stillings says:

    I love that part of ME. One of my high school friends moved to Orr’s after her marriage and I was lucky enough to visit many times. It is beautiful.

  2. Pj Schott says:

    Stunning. And a great place for a murder.

  3. Kate, Great post to repost. Did I ever tell you that we honeymooned on Bailey Island?


  4. Lea Wait says:

    Sounds wonderful! Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for my diet, I’ll be spending my 4th writing … Bob will be at the Stable Gallery in Damariscotta in case anyone feels a patriotic need to support Maine artists and craftspeople today … and sometime, before the fireworks blaze over Wiscasset, I’ll find the time to continue my personal July 4th tradition: watching the movie 1776. Happy 4th to everyone!

  5. Patrick Gomes says:

    Class of I’m not telling you… in a few years I’ll be stealing that.

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