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Lea Wait, here, feeling overwhelmed by the history of things. Yes. Things. I know people are more valuable than possessions. My heart aches for those who lose everything they own, in fires or floods or wars. But I cherish many … Continue reading

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No Spectators

Since we’re getting close to Fathers’ Day, I’d like to move away from our usual topics of Maine and writing and give a little extra appreciation to the Old Man™. Though, in fact, he’s been as proud of me as … Continue reading

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And A Good Time Was Had By All

This past weekend, most of us gathered at the Glickman Library in Portland, along with perhaps a hundred other people, for the Maine Crime Wave, a mystery conference dedicated to teaching writing skills, building our crime writing community and having … Continue reading

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Searching the Past for Stories

Historical research is done by authors, librarians, historians, genealogists, doctoral candidates, homeowners wondering about the history of their homes, and grade school students reluctantly fulfilling classroom assignments. I’ve done all of the above, at various points in my life. But … Continue reading

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Another livin’ in Maine roadtrip and cool stuff

I’ve recently started, when I have time, taking long road trips on a weekend day to parts of the state I haven’t been to in a while, or ever. My trip a couple weekends ago was to semi-familiar territory: the … Continue reading

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Maine’s Coast for the Proletariat: The Rest of Us

 Over 97% of Maine’ s coast is privately owned and much of that is behind lots of signs telling us we can’t go there. How on earth are the rest of us to get to salt water? Enter the Maine … Continue reading

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Stories Are Everywhere Around Us

One thing people always ask me is where do I get the ideas for my novels. I get a real kick out this question. Look around the world, I say. Everywhere you look there’s a story of one kind or … Continue reading

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