Inspiration, not always when you expect it

Gerry here, with a short one as Kaitlyn’s interview below probably told you everything you’ll need to know. Good questions, eh?

Anyway, a note about inspiration and the odd times when it comes.

Saturday night we went to see Emmy Lou Harris at the State Theater in Portland, Maine. Great show. She’s extraordinary—beautiful voice, hot band, lovely stage presence. A good time was had by the full house.

But Emmy Lou was talking about her new CD, the influences that have shaped her as an artist. And I got the feeling that she is still working hard on her music, her playing, her writing. After 40 years, she still is shooting for that unreachable star.

I left there inspired by an artist who has attained fame, success, etc. but her art still is the only thing. Always trying to do the absolute best work she possibly can. So I got up very early next morning, with the gulls calling overhead and the bay shimmering in the distance, and sat on the deck (daughter’s East End apartment), and started sketching out the remainder of McMorrow No. 10 (working title: ONCE BURNED). I had a rush of new and better ideas for where the story is going, and most of it is thanks to Emmy Lou Harris. Maybe I’ll add her to the acknowledgments, send her a book. I’m sure that would leave her puzzled. (“I inspired all of this murder and mayhem?”)

And speaking of sending books, I’m doing a pre-publication giveaway. PORT CITY BLACK AND WHITE, Brandon Blake No. 2, is out next month, so I’m giving away PORT CITY SHAKEDOWN, Brandon Blake No. 1. Send along your name here and/or at and I’ll have a trusted friend pick a couple to receive a signed hardcover. Such a deal!




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5 Responses to Inspiration, not always when you expect it

  1. Great post. I saw Emmy Lou Friday night in Portsmouth, and was equally inspired. She mentioned playing with some music friends (some big names, I just can’t remember) in a living room and talked about that inspired her to forget about the glitz, packaging, and promotion and just get back to making music. I liked all her new songs. She’s going strong!

    Edith Maxwell

  2. Pj Schott says:

    Still shooting. I love her.

  3. Barb Ross says:

    “A dancer takes a class everyday of their professional career.” I heard this in a lecture once and it always inspires me. There’s something new to learn everyday.

  4. Carol-Lynn Rössel says:

    Hey. Great post. I expect all good artists, no matter what the medium, live in and for their art and its perfection. It’s not over until it’s over, so we live in it as long as we can.
    Please enter me in your book drawing for PORT CITY SHAKEDOWN.

  5. Emily says:

    She’s got one song I’ll never forget, and a rabbit’s foot too!

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