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Stockpiling Inspiration like Acorns to Carry Us Through the Winter

How is it mid-November already? I’m writing this on Veteran’s Day, eleven days into the eleventh month.  It was full-on dark outside my window at 4:30 this afternoon, which was just as well because it was spitting snow. We all … Continue reading

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Shooting guns in Holliston, Massachusetts? A BLAST!

A few weeks ago, I attended a meeting of the Mystery Writers of America’s New England Chapter in Holliston, Massachusetts, for the express purpose of learning about guns. I’m a member of MWA NE, but hardly ever get to go … Continue reading

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Role Models?

Kate Flora here, watching the snow come down. For lunch today, I was eating a bowl of lentil soup and reading about Diana Nyad in the New Yorker. When I was growing up on a farm in Union, Maine, I … Continue reading

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An Interview with Vaughn Hardacker, author of Sniper

(Kate Flora: As MCW readers know, one of our favorite things here at the blog is introducing new Maine crime writers. Today’s interview is with a writer I have known for years, a terrific writer who has demonstrated the importance … Continue reading

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So Thrilled! My latest news…

The world of writing can be fraught with disappointment.  The agent who doesn’t want to take on new clients.  The editor who isn’t totally pleased with your series. The less-than-favorable review in just about anything from the local rag to … Continue reading

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Murder and Mayhem, Dr. Doug Lyle’s Treasure Trove of Medically Murderous Information

James Hayman:  Lainie Goff, the beautiful young attorney who is murdered in my second thriller The Chill of Night is the victim of something called pithing.  The villain placed the tip of a thin bladed knife (an ice pick would … Continue reading

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Oh, The Things People Say

Kate Flora here, beginning a conversation about some of the amazing things that people say to writers, leading off, of course, since many of us served our time in the unpublished writer’s corner, and/or have been banished back there from … Continue reading

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