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Creating Drama

People often ask how I go about plotting my novels. How does one write a great thriller? Is there some trick to it? Well, as any mystery/thriller writer will tell you there is no trick. Creating a book that is … Continue reading

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How Do I Kill Thee? Let Me Count the Ways.

James Hayman:  It’s pretty much a given that in mysteries and suspense thrillers that there’s got to be a victim. Somebody or, in some books, a whole bunch of somebodies have got to be done in. One of the interesting … Continue reading

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“So, How Did You Learn to Write Thrillers?”

James Hayman:  Whenever I give a reading in a bookstore or a library, I usually mention that when I began writing the first McCabe thriller, The Cutting, I had no prior experience writing fiction. I’d never written so much as … Continue reading

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