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Deja Vu, All Over Again, Or I Loves Me A Good’un

John Clark talking about two seemingly disparate activities I really like. It began back in the 1980s when I discovered how addicting and fun computer role playing games (RPGs) were. The Ultima series, Might and Magic games, Eye Of The … Continue reading

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Under Review

John Clark talking about another kind of writing that’s important to both authors and readers-the review. I started reviewing in 2003 when Beth and I became part of the Wolf Moon Journal family. Not long after, I was accepted as … Continue reading

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Looking at Shame and Slipped Disks in an entirely different way

John Clark reflecting on a couple accomplishments from my checkered library career. One, The Publishers’ Hall of Shame, ended in 2008, but made a real impact on both the library and publishing world. It began while I was the mental … Continue reading

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Mass Booking in Hartland

Holli Baker woke up one morning two years ago with an idea. As president of the Hartland-St. Albans Lions Club, she had been working on coming up with a service project that could impact the area in new and significant … Continue reading

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Meet the New Hartland Librarian-Nicholas Berry

John Clark introducing everyone to my successor as librarian in Hartland. Right after we finished interviewing Nick, Karen McGrady who is a trustee and headed the search for a new librarian, looked at me and asked, “What do you think?” … Continue reading

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Loony, Light and Dark

John Clark, sitting in the most cluttered writing space in Maine. We’ve lived in this house for 12 years. When we first looked at it, Beth and I were excited because we saw personal space possibilities that had been unavailable … Continue reading

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Transitions Isn’t Just a Term For Fancy Lenses

First a couple of housekeeping details. I said I would share what my April Fools prank was for this year. It turned out to be on me. My granddaughter Piper sent home a cold through my wife who takes care … Continue reading

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So, What exactly is Value, Good Sir?

Kate and I were talking about some of the ways I’ve taken a small rural library in a town that’s closer to hardscrabble than most and made it busy and well-respected throughout the state. “You should write more about that … Continue reading

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An Autumn Walk Through Great YA Fiction

Reading descriptions of new books is extremely dangerous, at least for me. I find myself reading well into the morning hours a couple times each week and the siren call of a partially read book when I should be finishing … Continue reading

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When Libraries Cooperate

John Clark here, talking about how cool things happen when libraries cooperate (heck even the weather bends to our will). The Hartland Public Library, Newport Cultural Center & Library and the Pittsfield Public Library are in what we’ve come to … Continue reading

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