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Feeling Connected to the Seasons

Kate Flora: Does anyone else feel a wee bit of sadness as the days grow shorter and the nip in the air and the slant of the light signal that the long, lazy days of summer are coming to an end? … Continue reading

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A Summer on the Road

Kate Flora: It seems like every summer, despite the deadlines that loom, instead of sitting peacefully at my desk, occasionally glancing out at blue sky and blue sea, I am in my car, driving to libraries and book events all over … Continue reading

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She Wrote a Book Once

Kate Flora: As many of you have read, if you’ve followed this blog for a while, my late mother, A. Carman Clark, published her first mystery, The Maine Mulch Murder, featuring 60-something freelance editor and gardener Amy Creighton, when she was 83. She … Continue reading

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Cloud Gazing

Kate Flora: There has been a lot written lately about the importance of getting out into nature and the resulting positive effects on our health. Being connected to the natural world was never an issue growing up. We lived on a … Continue reading

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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Kate Flora: When people ask about a writer’s process, the questions are usually about whether we are plotters (outliners) or pantsers–writing by the seat of our pants. Sometimes the questions are about the number of hours we write, and whether we … Continue reading

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A Writer’s Lunch: 7 writing exercises you can do at lunch

Kate Flora: I really wanted to teach a writing class this summer. Alas, the kind of six week class I like to teach didn’t fit MWPA’s needs. Still, today I found myself rummaging through the files, looking at some of … Continue reading

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Spring Teaches Us to See

Kate Flora: Dorothy Cannell is unable to blog today, having been overrun with unexpected house guests, so I’m going to rerun a post from a few years ago that seems to have particular relevance at this season: The way that … Continue reading

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