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Interview with Maine Artist Brenda Erickson

Hi. Barb here. Lots of people have complimented the new banner on my website. It’s by Maine culinary artist, Brenda Erickson. To see it in its glory on my website, click here. How did this come about? Serendipitously, as so … Continue reading

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Five great nominees, but only one can win: the Juvenile Edgars for 2013

  Upon reflection, I realized that it’s a bit more challenging to write a well-crafted mystery for juvenile readers than it is for young adults; that is if you really want to hit a home run. If you are of … Continue reading

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The Maine State … what?

Lea Wait here, admitting I’m a cable news addict who in recent months has been more than a little disillusioned by the amazing ability of our elected representatives (both in Washington and here in Augusta, Maine,) to accomplish so little, when … Continue reading

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Scene of the Crime

Check out the great shot of the Rockland breakwater and lighthouse, snapped by yours truly from the balcony of my fourth-floor, ocean-front room at the Samoset Resort.                         Vicki … Continue reading

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Girls Who Wear Glasses

Recently, our great niece celebrated her tenth birthday. She’s the only youngster in our small family, so we celebrated with cake and ice cream, a balloon that sang “Happy Birthday” when you punched it, and lots of presents for the … Continue reading

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Out with the old?

Hey all. Gerry Boyle here, taking a break from some spring cleaning. Clearing stuff out.  Digging through cartons. Figuring out what stays and what goes. Books. Papers. Manuscripts. Notes. Yes, in the back corner of a closet I came upon … Continue reading

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Boston Marathon

Today’s post is a repost from her own blog by Maine writer Carrie Jones, about her experiences at the Boston Marathon. We are grateful to Carrie for allowing us to share this with you, and for her compassionate insights into … Continue reading

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