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The Colors of Fall

    Kate Flora here, sitting in the chaos of my torn-apart house. What seemed like a great plan four months ago–making a more workable bedroom and closets–now seems like the fast road to a month-long blinding headache. Right now, three … Continue reading

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Stuck Here in Chapter Sixteen Again . . .

Kate Flora here, leading off our weekly discussion with a topic not exactly near and dear to our hearts, though definitely familiar: What do you do when you get stuck in a book? I find that I often get bogged … Continue reading

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The Glorious Obsession of NaNoWriMo

OBSESSION: Compulsive preoccupation with a fixed idea or an unwanted feeling or emotion, often accompanied by symptoms of anxiety. (American Heritage Dictionary) Kate here, talking today about one of the lovely dark sides of the writing life–obsession, and how many … Continue reading

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Woe is me—Synopses!

Hi. Barb, here. I cannot figure out how this happened, but somehow I’ve ended up writing five synopses in a four week period. Actually, I know how it happened.  I’m finishing up my first cozy mystery and trying to get … Continue reading

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