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Maggie and Me: Same or Different?

There’s a game children play with either pictures or words: which things are the same? Which are different? (Table. Dog. Mouse. Cheese. Which is different?) More advanced versions appear on SAT tests. My kids and I sometimes played that game at the dinner table. (Yes: I was … Continue reading

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Paths of Research … Diderot and Me

Lea Wait, here. As many of you know, I write historical novels for young people as well as my mysteries for adults, so I’m very familiar with researching the past. Often I also do historical research for my Shadows Antique Print Mystery … Continue reading

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Mystery Sub-Sub Genres, and My Shadows Series

I’m Lea Wait, and (sh!) don’t tell anyone, but when I first had an idea for a mystery, I hadn’t read any since my high school years, which had been, oh, something on the order of three decades earlier. So, being an … Continue reading

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Antiques for Readers and Writers

Lea Wait, here. As many of you know, I’m a born and bred (fourth generation, actually) antique dealer. My great-grandfather immigrated to Boston from Edinburgh and imported antiques, Irish linen, glass, and Belleek, Scottish embroideries and other upscale furnishings for his (short-lived) shop … Continue reading

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Shadows at the Portland Flower Show?

Lea Wait, here. One of the first signs of spring in Maine is the Portland Flower Show, held last week. Given the exigencies of life, however, I’d always wanted to go, but had never been until this year.    So when … Continue reading

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A Glimpse at Our Works in Progress

Kate Flora here. There has been a lot of discussion on the blog lately about everyone being on deadline for new books. Since I’m always looking ahead for my next good read, I’m hoping some of you will be willing … Continue reading

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That’s ME in Your Book, isn’t it?

Earl Smith, our guest today, talks about the dangers of setting your story in a small Maine town when you LIVE in a small Maine town. Any number of fiction writers could have warned me, but I never thought to … Continue reading

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