Planetary Protection Officer or Global Drinks Ambassador???

Hey all. Happy August to you.

During an insanely busy year, book #2 in the Michael McKeon series is finished, in which we meet The Prodigal, the world’s first private nuclear power. I’m very excited about a new book I’m writing with a whole new cast of characters and a protagonist who not only must race against an external ticking clock, but one inside him as well. More to come.

In the meantime, here are some bizarre news stories perfect for your late summer amusement.

Seven priests walk into a bar…start of a killer joke, right? Not in Cardiff, Wales, where the bouncer thought they were a bachelor party in costume and refused them service. When the manager realized the error, he bought them a round.

Scottish whisky company Grant’s is recruiting a new global drinks ambassador. The only thing better might be that NASA is now taking applications for Planetary Protection Officer.

Perhaps best of all, in response to NASA’s open application announcement, nine-year-old Jack Davis from New Jersey applied. He is “great at video games” and has watched most of the alien movies except Men in Black. Most importantly, “My sister says I am an alien.”

Courtesy of NASA

Speaking on behalf of brothers of sisters everywhere, good luck Jack! When he’s 21 and done protecting the planet, I hear there’s a global drinks ambassador opening. Just don’t dress like a priest.

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10 Responses to Planetary Protection Officer or Global Drinks Ambassador???

  1. How did you like Cardiff, Brendon? I’ve been there and my mother grew up there (I still have relatives living there).

    Good luck with the new book. Is Downeast publishing it?

  2. John R. Clark says:

    Life imitates art. The week that planetary ambassador item came out, I read What Goes Up by Katie Kennedy which is about NASA recruiting a third team of exactly the sort of people. It’s a terrific read by the person who wrote Learning to Swear in America which is also a smart and funny book. Best of luck with book 2.

  3. Art Taylor says:

    Loved the way you brought all this together in your final line!
    Congrats on the book that’s done and best wishes for the one you’re working on now!

  4. Barb Ross says:

    Humm. Now I want to read a book with a scene where seven priests walk into a bar and get refused service.

  5. Beth Clark says:

    I like reading things like this the first thing in the morning. Inspiration for my day.

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