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Alternate Reality #4: Tales of a Ditch Miner

When Kate and I were kids, returnable bottles commanded a hefty two cents apiece. One of my early memories was of she and I sitting on the tailgate of Dad’s 1949 Dodge pickup as he drove slowly up East Sennebec … Continue reading

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Okay, okay. I do like lighthouses, but never lobster.

We Maine Crime Writers are frequently asked about setting. Maine, famously, is a mystery and crime writing hot spot, though actual murders in the state average between 20-25 a year. So the topic of Maine as setting for our books … Continue reading

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50 Writers Offer Advice to the Newly Published

Kate Flora: When I asked my Facebook friends for advice for newly published writers, my lovely friend Patricia Smiley immediately offered this advice: If it’s not too late…RUN, RUN AWAY! But if you’re not inclined to run? Here’s a little … Continue reading

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Weekend Update: November 26-27, 2016

Next week at Maine Crime Writers, there will be posts by Kate Flora (Monday) Maureen Milliken (Tuesday), John Clark (Wednesday), Kaitlyn Dunnett/Kathy Lynn Emerson (Thursday) and Bruce Coffin (Friday). In the news department, here’s what’s happening with some of us who … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Leftovers: Corn and Turkey Chowder

Hi All. Barb here. I know you are absolutely bursting after yesterday, and perhaps nursing a tryptophan hangover, or a real one. Also, perhaps you are wondering what to do with the turkey carcass? So I decided to rerun a … Continue reading

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Would You Trust Food Cooked by a Crime Writer?

Happy Thanksgiving, friends. Today, all the writers have the day off. We’re in fine kitchens everywhere, or carefully decanting the wine, or fighting about how a turkey should properly be carved, or we’re sharpening our knives or crimping crusts or just … Continue reading

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No Holiday for the Wicked

Dorothy Cannell: Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. I am, as so often happens at this time of year, in book jail – a term coined by Kate Flora. It is where writers go when they have ignored looming deadlines until … Continue reading

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