Red Sox Sadness

Vicki here on October first.

A dark, rainy day in Maine — an appropriate time to express a little sorrow over the ending of the Sox’s season just a few short days ago. I’ve been holding it all in, going about my week as if that loss to the Orioles didn’t happen, but yesterday’s news of Terry Francona’s departure has put me over the edge.

It’s catharsis time.

RATS! What the heck? We were doing so well, how could we blow it? And now, no more Tito?

There, I’ve said it. We frittered away our fabulous lead, were defeated by one of the worst teams, and lost a truly gifted manager. The fat lady’s crooned her last tune, folks. Darn it all!

Okay, deep breath. Think about the good times. Let’s share our favorite Red Sox memories and see if that helps ease the pain…

I recall a fifth-grade class trip to Fenway, when a few of the most annoying boys (Timothy Bamberry, I’m talkin’ to you) were banished from the ballpark after throwing those little foil wrapped ketchups at innocent fans. Justice meted out in the bleachers by the park’s security guards… it was good to see.

Post college, when I lived with my pal Leslie in Cleveland Circle, we’d head over to Landsdown Street on game nights and try to get tickets. Often we succeeded and would spend a sultry summer evening chatting, munching popcorn and watching the Sox. (Okay, mostly chatting and munching.)

Once I moved to Maine, my sojourns to Fenway lessened. We took the kids to a game one April for Nate’s eighth or ninth birthday. Super chilly, but fun. A few summers ago, we introduced a visiting Italian teen to baseball. Davide became quite a Red Sox fan, at least for the time he lived with us.

There are some great memories from this season, too. That picture-perfect triple play!  Unbelievable. My favorite player, Jacoby Ellsbury?  Phenomenal. Watching the rookie Ryan Lavarnway (formerly of the Sea Dogs) hit two homers in his first major league game?  Pretty cool.

As sad as you are about the end of the season (and truly, I don’t want to hear from you unless you are sad), what are your favorite Red Sox memories? Let’s get over this together, move on, and try — really hard — to enjoy a Sox-less October.


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  1. MCWriTers says:

    Oh, Vicki, I couldn’t read this one at first. As one of my Sox-fan friends put, “I have a stake through my heart.” No Francona. No playoffs. No respect for the tradition from some of the players. We had the curse of the Bambino. Whose curse is this?

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