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Who needs a vacation when you live in Vacationland?

If I’m repeating myself, forgive me. I love Maine, you know I do. But don’t ask me what I did on my summer vacation, because I haven’t had one. That hasn’t stopped everyone else. One of the issues with living … Continue reading

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Summer’s short, and Vacationland beckons

Is it summer that does it? Is it the warm breezes, the intoxicating smell of flowers, the promise of ice cream? I don’t know, but something makes it hard to knuckle down and do what’s has to be done. One … Continue reading

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Vacationland’s Dark Side

During the cold, dark days of February, it’s fun for us to turn back to some of our older posts, and rerun them for you. When Paul wrote about the dark side, he wrote it on a sunny Maine day … Continue reading

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