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Springtime Rituals

I filed my tax returns yesterday, went to the main post office in Portland, walked into the circa 1932 building and put them in the big chute mailbox, just like I did before there was an internet. Tradition can be … Continue reading

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Walking the Winter Beach, Redux

Dear MCW blog readers:  Sometimes I scroll back through old posts and come upon one that’s ripe for a re-run, and so it is with this March, 2017 post about our Sunday beach-walking ritual. Forecaster chatter this week is we’re … Continue reading

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Walking the Winter Beach

by Brenda Buchanan Sunday afternoons lend themselves to rituals. Leisurely drives to who knows where.  Gathering around the table for dinner with family and friends.  Kicking back with the Sunday papers, funnies and all, at least at my house, where we’ve … Continue reading

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