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The ‘feral’ cats and a thought on writing good characters

I’d been waiting in line for nearly two hours at the Waterville Humane Shelter Saturday when I finally was let into the cat area to see the cats. It was “clear the shelter” day and by the time my number … Continue reading

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Seeing Like a Writer

Kate Flora: I was driving on the Maine turnpike last week and suddenly there appeared to be an explosion of squirrels trying to cross a six lane highway. It was something that I’d never seen before, and after the fourth squirrel, and … Continue reading

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Introducing Characters to the Reader

Kaitlyn Dunnett  here, with a group topic gleaned from comments on a listserv I subscribe to. Someone who appears to like my Liss MacCrimmon mysteries, commented that she found it annoying that I described each new character as they came on the scene … Continue reading

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