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The ‘feral’ cats and a thought on writing good characters

I’d been waiting in line for nearly two hours at the Waterville Humane Shelter Saturday when I finally was let into the cat area to see the cats. It was “clear the shelter” day and by the time my number … Continue reading

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Seeing Like a Writer

Kate Flora: I was driving on the Maine turnpike last week and suddenly there appeared to be an explosion of squirrels trying to cross a six lane highway. It was something that I’d never seen before, and after the fourth squirrel, and … Continue reading

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Details to Use in Describing Characters

Kaitlyn Dunnett/Kathy Lynn Emerson here, writing today about the challenges of finding just the right descriptive details to make characters, even the minor ones, distinctive for the reader. Although it is possible to write about someone without ever describing their … Continue reading

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Introducing Characters to the Reader

Kaitlyn Dunnett  here, with a group topic gleaned from comments on a listserv I subscribe to. Someone who appears to like my Liss MacCrimmon mysteries, commented that she found it annoying that I described each new character as they came on the scene … Continue reading

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