Falling In Love With Fall

I know it’s not autumn yet but it feels that way. The temperatures here in Maine are quickly dropping, especially at night. It’s noticeable because this past summer has been one of the hottest on record. So this Sunday after mowing the lawn and hitting the gym, my wife, my daughter and I headed to the country to get us some apples and blueberries. Having completed two manuscripts this summer, the rest of my day was clear and free. There would be no writing today. It would be all about the apples—and blueberries. Oh, and riding mountain bikes down Sunday River.

It was a beautiful day. We climbed in the car and drove the forty-five minutes out to the country. The smells of grass and cow manure filled the air. We arrived at the farm and immediately took in the rolling mountains and greenery. Come October, the colors would be more spectacular than they were now. But it was still quite beautiful. For once it was nice not to have to think about murder and deceit.

We climbed out of the car and got shuttled by golf cart to the main entrance. In the distance I could see rows upon rows of apple and blueberry groves. The day was festive and many people had already showed up. A two-man band played a Van Morrison song inside a tent-covered patio. Little kids danced in front of the two band members, along with their parents. The aroma of fresh beer, apple cider donuts and brick oven pizzas filled the air.

There were sweet varieties of blueberries and tangy blueberries, although we all agreed that the sweet blueberries were the tastiest. Three quarts tasty. Then we proceeded to the apple groves where we filled a large bag with Courtlands, Macs and Golden Delicious.

A great day of family fun. If only our son was home from college it would have been better. But we sent him the pics. Better hurry before they run out.

Then we went to Sunday River, rented bikes, and flew down the mountain. It’s much fun until you crash, which I did. But the scenery is so beautiful. In another month it will be that much better.

Have a great fall, everyone!

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3 Responses to Falling In Love With Fall

  1. Julia Hoover says:

    I loved this, Joe. I love everything about fall, from the very early “It’s late summer and hasn’t figured itself out yet” fall to the very late “It’s incredibly quiet and serene” fall, with the explosive climax in the middle. It’s like a well-written drama, by the nature orchestrator of your choice (God, Mother Nature, Earth… what have you).

    At any rate, thanks so much for this. I sent my elder child off to college for the first time and the nostalgia of this piece was quite welcome.

    On another note… TWO manuscripts? Dude, are you TRYING to make the rest of us feel bad?


  2. John Clark says:

    Fall is the best…Chills in the early morning, sweating by noon and discovering tangy wild apples while exploring.

  3. Hey, Joe, this sounds idylic. Hoping to get to Maine in early October and looking forward to those brisk temps and maybe even some color. Enjoyed your post.

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