“Where Would You Put The Body” Contest Winners

Well, folks, this is has been very difficult for the judges. It appears that our readers, as a group, have very creative–AND DARK–imaginations. We could have had many more winners, but finally had to choose. So here goes:

First Place: Lydia Stevens who says this about her photograph

I would put the body under the lady slippers because they are endangered and in theory if I were criminal enough to do murder, harming an endangered species of flower wouldn’t phase me. LHowever, law enforcement might think twice before breaking the law and digging these beauties up!

This photo was taken in Lee, Maine at our family camp.

Second Place: Nancy McGinnis for this old cemetery. She says

Searching for a body? No one would ever think to look in the cemetery – that lead would obviously be considered a dead end!

I took this photograph — one of my all-time favorites — in Cutler, Maine.

We have a tie for third place between Grace Marsh‘s leaching field:

A replacement septic system leachfield soon to be forever covered with dirt. South Casco, Maine.

and Shelley Burbank‘s shot furnace at Ft. Knox:

Fort Knox State Park shot furnace.

Always thought Fort Knox a good place for a Maine mystery. It’s spooky and interesting.

So winners, please message your snail mail addresses to katefloraatgmaildotcom so we can send your prizes. Thanks to everyone who entered. To us, you are all winners and we wish we could give all of you prizes. Thanks for sharing your photos with us.

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  1. Julianne Spreng says:

    What excellent ideas. But, you are correct. Murder and endangered flowers….kills it.

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