Our Maine Summer Update

Today, Maine Crime Writers share a photo or two of what we’ve been up to this summer. If you feel like, we’d enjoy it if you would share some of your Maine photos as well. If you aren’t in Maine or having been this summer–and we know this has been a difficult summer for everyone–share a photo of where you have been!

Kate Flora: I spend as much time as I can in a cottage on Bailey Island, were I can watch lobster boats passing and enjoy some gorgeous summer sunsets, like these:

John Clark: Summer brought a vacation in Washington County, a new granddaughter and lots of fun with our other two, Piper and Reid.

Susan Vaughan: One summer highlight was a cruise out of Port Clyde to see puffins, who nest on Eastern Egg Rock. The guide narrated the sights along the way and did a lobster hauling demo. I’d done this cruise before, but this time saw more puffins than ever. My second highlight is the various natural sights at the Maine lake where we have a cottage. Pickerel weed grows among the other reeds, and of course water lilies. Then this past week, I caught the loons beginning to “raft up” now that fall approaches.



Dick Cass: Before the (very tall) deer got to them:

And the inevitable fishing picture, at an unnamed bass pond in central Maine:

 (Note to Dick re: deer. Milorganite fertilizer keeps deer away but don’t use on veggies. Is a bio-solid. But truly amazing flowers.)

Sandy Neily: we got out more using our new/used small camper.  Since we were towing a toilet and lots of peanut butter, we could go most anywhere safely. My favorite spot was my daughter’s driveway where I could take early AM walks with older grandgirl and we could all hang out, wear capes, and laugh. Sorely needed! 

Top to bottom: Cobscook Bay State Park: campsite and my AM stretching table. June at the Penobscot River: Bob reading by river waiting for temp to drop below 90 so fish would come out to play. There was way too much work on the camp roof. We camped in the White Mountains (Bob on the Zealand trail) on the way to VT where we could stay in a friend’s huge field. Way toooo many people on those White Mt. trails: sign of the Covid times. Some good land trust walks with Raven (here hypnotized by a squirrel). And I gave up on her having at least one piece of furniture.

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3 Responses to Our Maine Summer Update

  1. Crystal Toller says:

    We have only been across the street to the park to see the cicadas clinging to the trees. I am not sure how to post a picture to my comment.


  2. Kathryn MacAlister says:

    You really know how to hurt a person who had to cancel her rental on Panther Pond
    because of quarantine! I miss Maine SO much.


  3. Kathryn MacAlister says:

    You really know how to hurt a person who had to cancel her rental on Panther Pond
    because of quarantine! I miss Maine SO much.


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