Deadline for New Novel, New Novel Coming Out, New Website & New Ideas

The snow is falling as I write this. It’s thick, wet and heavy. Somehow we’ve hit the midwinter blues. Nothing better to do than put on the coffee and settle into a writing routine. Or for you readers, settle with a good book.

The deadline for my new novel is fast pproaching and at this point I find myself in good shape. Writing under a strict deadline means that I’ve not gotten to read very many novels (sorry writer friends). But I’m feeling confident now. What started out as a worrisome piece of #£¥€ first draft has coalesced quite lnicely into a twisty psychological thriller. My only problem now is that I don’t yet have a name for my new book. Or, to be more precise, I have lots names for this novel but nothing that has struck a chord. Now I have to work with my publisher to pick out the best one.

On April 30th my new novel, PRAY FOR THE GIRL, comes out and I’m very excited for the world to meet Lucy Abbott, the gritty heroine of the novel. On the very next day I’m due to turn in my new, as-yet-to-be-named manuscript. Combine all that with the fact that I need to market the new book and set up readings and blogs, this spring should be a very busy time for this author.

I’m excited to announce my brand-spanking new website, Thanks Bob and Courissa. It’s been awhile in the making, but I’m very happy with the way it’s turned out. I’m hoping that people will sign up for my newsletter so that they can receive updates on new books and where I’ll be speaking. I promise to use this newsletter judiciously and not innundate subscribers with a barrage of useless information.

I’m just starting to develop some new ideas for novels. This process is fun but also daunting. So if you see me staring into space please know that I’m deep in thought trying to formulate the many twists and turns that make a good psychological thriller. And I’ll soon be getting back to reading all the books my writer friends have put out. Thanks for being patient, author friends. I promise I’ll get to them soon.

Meanwhile, PRAY FOR THE GIRL is on préstale and comes out April 30th. Make sure you pick up your copy today

USA Bestselling Author Steve Konkoly says of it, “PRAY FOR THE GIRL delivers one devilish twist after another, pulling you into the story and never letting go. A tightly paced suspense drawn with compellingly real characters, Souza’s newest domestic thriller is a genre defining tour-de-force.”

Happy winter, everyone! See you this spring. Now time to shovel.










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