Miami Vice!

So I took my son to the University of Miami for his freshman year. It was only my second time in Florida. The campus at University of Miami is beautiful. Palm trees and sunshine abound. So it made me wonder what about crime fiction in the Sun State. Who are Florida’s best crime writers?



Of course at the top of this list must be Carl Hiaasen. I remember reading STRIP TEASE and loving his energy and the way he writes characters. SKIN TIGHT features a crazy character named Chemo who has a prosthetic arm that is a weed whacker.


Oh, and here I am below on the campus debating taking a dip. Did you know that south Florida is the only place in the world where there are alligators and crocodiles? Yes, and snakes too.


There’s Tim Doresy. I read one of his books awhile ago, but GATOR-A-GO-GO is supposedly a classic. I’ll have to try that one some day.


Here’s my son in his first day on campus working hard,


Last on the list is DARKLY DREAMING DEXTER. Did you know that DEXTER was a book series before being a TV show?  Darkness in the sunshine state.


Florida has a lot of beautiful sights and many great crime writers. Be sure to check them out. GO CANES!


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3 Responses to Miami Vice!

  1. Julianne says:

    You’ve got to give Tim Dorsey a try. That guy is insane! Serge makes Dexter look like an octogenarian grandfather. You also get a terrific dose of Floridian trivia and history. One of my favorites is Electric Barracuda…starts fast and revs up from there.

  2. Don’t forget the grandfather of them all, John D. MacDonald. Randy Wayne White. Or James W. Hall.


  3. John Greco says:

    John D. MacDonald, Charles Willeford (Miami Blues), Edna Buchanan and the great Elmore Leonard. Many of his books were set in Fla.

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