Maine Crime Writers Are Everywhere!

It’s summer in Maine, and we’re in libraries and bookstores, at author events, and also enjoying all that Maine has to offer. Here are some of the ways we are enjoying Maine this summer.

Kate Flora: I’ve been at Books in Boothbay with many of my fellow crime writers, on a picnic by the lime kilns near Rockport Harbor and enjoying dinner at Morse’s Cribstone Grill on Bailey Island.



John Clark has been exploring new territory, knocking on doors in Cambridge, Ripley, St. Albans, Hartland, Palmyra and Canaan. I only have to meet 7,000 people by election day. I’ve come to the realization that campaigning is librarianship in reverse. Instead of having new people come to the library and chat, I go to their place and listen. I’ve met hundreds of free range chickens, almost as many dogs (lots of licking and sniffing, no bites), some great goats and have heard concerns I never would have come up with on my own. Chatted with a 70 year old guy yesterday about the 1954 Ford he was rebuilding, with a 357 Chevy engine. Win or lose, this will be a life changing experience.

Susan Vaughan: Here I am  in Rockland after a tour of the Draken Harald Hårfagre. This replica of an ancient Viking ship was built in 2014 in Norway and sailed to North America in 2016. After spending the winter in Mystic Seaport, the 115-foot open boat is touring the East Coast this summer. The deck tour informed and entertained my husband and me. The Draken was built with design and details meticulously copied from ancient wrecks, but boasts modern navigation equipment and two inboard motors. The captain joked that on the Atlantic crossing, they dealt with storms and high seas and ice floes, but the lobster buoys in Rockland harbor were their greatest steering challenge.

Bruce Robert Coffin: This month I had the pleasure of attending my first ThrillerFest in New York City. It’s always a thrill making new friends and catching up with existing ones.

Sandra Neily: Busy, Busy, aren’t we all? Joined a MWPA panel to share various “how to” publishing paths. Had some grandmother time eating whatever Sly puts in my mouth. Some fly fishing time at a secret spot. Wore hard hat fashion to research my next novel (“Deadly Turn” out in 2019). Tried to tell Raven that squirrel levitation on the deck is useless. Failed.  Appreciated storms moving across Moosehead Lake. Thanked Coastal Dog for posting rescue dog Raven’s pic with my novel on its site, but had to swear  that “no dogs were harmed in the telling of this story.” Oh, part time job setting up and then guiding for Maine Foodie Tours in Boothbay Harbor. Yum………

Vaughn Hardacker: Along with Books in Boothbay, I’ve been spending time on Aroostook County’s numerous ATV Trails. Below is a picture of Long Lake’s Cyr Cove taken from The Overlook in Saint Agatha.

Author Visit

Lea Wait making an author visit to a Maine school


William Andrews: Enjoying a Casco Bay cruise with friends on my son’s lobster boat.

Brenda Buchanan:  We’re on our annual sojourn in Brooklin, Maine, a place dear to my heart that I’ve written about on this blog before. If you follow me on social media, you’ve seen some stunning sunset photos this week (all credit to nature, it would be hard to take a bad sunset photo from our vantage point.) But what do we do in the daytime? After a full morning writing, we go here:

Secret Beach . . .

And I do this:

LOVE that frigid water.


Jen Blood: I’ve been such a homebody this summer! Apart from Books in Boothbay early this month, I’ve been enjoying time in the gardens and in my workshop, hanging with Magnus and Marji, and generally having a quiet, laid-back time of it. The exception is Bath Dog Park, where Marji and I are likely to be found almost daily. Here are a few shots of daily life ’round here.

Ben’s birthday cake (vegan chocolate raspberry!) this June…

Courtney Barnett, July 26 at State Theater in Portland.

Books in Boothbay!


Rogue red squirrel, helping himself to the bird feeder.

One of Marji’s besties at Bath Dog Park, the lovely Jess.

Another of Marji’s dog pals at Bath Dog Park, Lilah.


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  1. Marian McMahon Stanley says:

    Love seeing these photos of your travels – thanks for posting! What an interesting, well-rounded group.

  2. bethc2015 says:

    Fun to hear what everyone is doing.

  3. Linda Baker says:

    Is there a listing of appearances 8/8 through 8/20? I always try to make one while I am there each summer. Thanks!

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