On The Trail Again

There aren’t many entertainment venues up here in the county, but we have those nature has provided. Last month I finally gave in and purchased a Yamaha Wolverine, a side-by-side ATV.in the late twentieth century the railroads serving Aroostook County (the Bangor and Aroostook and the Aroostook Valley Railroad) went out of business. The railroad tracks and ties were removed from all of the B&A and AVR railbeds but the graded bed upon which the tracks were laid was left behind creating a myriad number of ATV/Snowmobile trails.


My Yamaha Wolverine

My Yamaha Wolverine

The former B&A rails pass beside my house and for three years I have watched the ATV and snowmobile traffic that utilizes the trail (appropriately named the B&A Trail) which is maintained by a local ATV/Snowmobile club. The club, out of Caribou, grades the trail to remove potholes, rolls the trail to pack the surface, and removes obstacles such as fallen trees. I recommend carrying a chainsaw if you are capable because it is not unusual to come across a tree that has fallen and is blocking the trail, many of us will remove these obstructions.

The Aroostook trail system is extensive and connects every city and town in the county and a rider can connect with trails further south (I believe that it is possible to travel the length and width of the state on the trail system).

MooseThe scenery along the trail is often breathtaking and it is not unusual to encounter wildlife. In the picture to the right two moose stood on the trail and we had to stop and wait for them to wander off into the woods.

The trails provide one an opportunity to go into the north Maine woods and lose oneself in nature without worrying about getting lost (the all of the trails ultimately lead to a town) and if you ride on a week day the opportunity to get away by one’s self. As a self-professed hermit I find this to be the best time to ride because for the most part I have the trail to myself. On the other hand if want to see a vast cross-section of humanity to use as characters in your next literary effort the week end will be more to your like. As I said earlier, the B&A trail passes along my property and it is not unusual to count ATVs in the hundreds passing by on Saturday and Sunday.

These summer posts have impressed me with all of the great things there are to do in our state from spending a day in our largest city (Portland) or at one of our quaint coastal towns–but, I’ll take the seclusion of my woods where I get to visit sparsely inhabited lakes and ponds, rivers with crystal clear water, and I can see any number of wildlife species in their natural habitat.

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