Susan Vaughan here. All through September I resist the advancing seasons, still hoping for more summer. But by October, I find I enjoy many things about fall. So many other people will write about Halloween, I’m giving it a pass. Here are “a few of my favorite things…”

“The falling leaves drift…” Let’s ignore the raking and clearing of leaves from gutters. Red maple leaves, round golden poplar leaves, bronze oak leave. I love seeing all the colors. And I must still have some of the little kid in me because I enjoy scuffing through the fallen leaves as I walk the dog. They crunch, they swish.

“’Tis the gift to be simple…” That’s me. It’s the simple things that I enjoy in October. Like the purple and lilac wild asters. Two bees were flitting about these flowers but the camera didn’t catch them.

milk weed And my neighbor’s field full of milkweed, the pods bursting with seed fluff. The seeds float in the breeze propelled by their parachutes. Alas, this year, the milkweed plants lacked their usual population of monarch butterflies. I’ve read this is a phenomenon throughout North America due to a combination of factors. Storms and drought in the Southwest and Midwest hampered their migration. And changing farming practices have decreased habitat, suppressing the milkweed growth they need. Scientists say it’s too early to know if this decrease in population is a trend or a one-year issue. Sad, either way. Ah, but that’s a downer, when I’m supposed to be upbeat today.

“How much is that doggie…” No, Sasha’s not for sale. But another fave in October is that she’s no longer shedding great clumps of black fur all over the house. She enjoys the new smells along the woods path. I’m thinking she detects lots of wild turkey and deer scents.

“I get misty, just…” Sorry. That was a stretch. I couldn’t find a song featuring geese. Yes, migrating Canada geese and ducks are all around. We woke one foggy morning at camp to see these Canada geese gorging on grasses. There were about two dozen of them, honking and dipping. As the mist lifted, so did they.

“Pumpkin, pumpkin on the ground…” I found this children’s song by Alison, sung to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” and couldn’t resist. Yes, I love pumpkins, not jack-o’-lanterns, but the unadorned kind. We grow two plants that yield usually seven or eight biggish fruits. We decorate the deck and front steps with them. Pumpkins look so cheerful sharing the place with yellow mums and the summer geraniums.


So it seems I am still holding onto summer. Anyone else have fall faves?


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  1. Nina Pierce says:

    Fall is such a melancholy season for me. I just hate to see summer go. 🙁 Fall meant going back to school. The green of nature washing out into browns and grays. And of course the bite of colder temps. *shiver* Yeeeah, just not one of my favorites. However, my husband absolutely LOVES this season.

  2. I love fall–my absolute favorite time of year! I actually prefer the colors of autumn to those of spring–rich reds and oranges and purples and yellows. I love to decorate my house for the seasons, and my fall decor is definitely my favorite. It just makes the house seem so warm and inviting!
    The only drawback, in my mind, is that I know winter (my least favorite season) is coming soon. But I try not to focus on that and just live in the moment. 🙂

    • Susi, thanks for writing. Yes, those rich colors of the leaves, love that. I’m trying not to think about winter coming either, except I just had to get out my heavier jacket.

  3. Judi Phillips says:

    I’m with you, Susan. Halloween isn’t my fav. But love fall colors. Always got homesick in MN in October. There’s nothing like Fall In Maine

  4. Grace Hood says:

    Autumn is my favourite season, partly because it was “back to school” time (yeah, I was the geek who loved school, particularly the new box of crayons) and partly because I have a September birthday. October is all about the leaves changing colour, then falling to create crunchy drifts. And since I’m a foodie, it’s also the time to create comforting stews and roasts, and bake with apples and pumpkin.

  5. Deb Noone says:

    I’m with Lu for ALL the reasons she stated. Especially love fall foods – comfort and the scents of cooking. Love crisp sunny days and cool nights (although I HATE winter). Even love the brown stalks and dried pods of plants – part of the cycle and I know things will be green and colorful in their place after the dreaded snow. I never cut them back, because I like to see the stalks and pods sticking out of the snow – knowing spring will come – eventually 🙂


  6. Hey, Susan. Great post. Fall is definitely my favorite season. Fewer of those awful hot days we so often get in Texas. We get some fall colors here, but nothing like you do in New England or in the northwest.

    And the colors this year in Maine were spectacular! Absolutely spectacular! I’m still smiling from our visit in Rockland, the perfect weather, and wonderful views!

    I’m not a huge fan of Halloween. Loved dressing up as a kid. My mother made me many pretty costumes. But I think when the evil people started putting poison and razor blades in candy back in the 70’s, the innocence and fun were lost for me. Sad. but then I look at the colors and I’m revived. We really have very little here yet. I’ll FB & Tweet.

  7. John Clark says:

    Neato on the books! One of my best fall memories is from over 20 years ago. I was duck hunting and took a break to enjoy the unusual warmth while walking along the edge of Medomac Stream in Washington. I sat down and opened a milkweed pod, fluffing the silk and tossing it into the air. The sky was cloudless and I could follow some of the seeds at the end of strands of silk for what seemed like an eternity.

  8. Barb Ross says:

    I have loved this long, beautiful fall. And the Red Sox.

    I do cop to trying to make the summer last as long as possible. I keep noting all the ‘firsts’ for my husband. “Well, that’s the first time I’ve worn sox.” “Well, that’s the first fire in the fireplace.” “First time putting the heat on.” etc, etc.

    • Yes, Barb, thanks for mentioning the Red Sox. I’ll be cheering for them tonight. I wrote this post before they made the Series. My husband keeps having “firsts” too.

  9. Nice post, Susan. I love fall as well and always miss playing field hockey this time of year! Played in HS and college and I guess old habits die very hard.

    Have to admit that I also love Halloween! Anyone who has seen my costumes at Crime Bake knows that…

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