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What Platform Do You Write On?

I am nearing the completion of a novel in a new series and my desktop computer crashed (not to worry, I worked in hi-tech for more than thirty years and I leave nothing of any importance on a hard drive) … Continue reading

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It’s Not Your Grandmother’s Library Anymore

Kaitlyn Dunnett/Kathy Lynn Emerson here, with a little story to tell you. Part of my regular morning reading is the online Franklin County newspaper, the Daily Bulldog. Imagine me sitting in my chair, curled up with my iPad, and clicking … Continue reading

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Why I Love/Hate My Computer

I’m Lea Wait, and during the past week¬†my computer has given me nightmares. Now, I’m usually a fairly calm person. Go ahead – ask my husband. Ask my children. Well – no – don’t ask my children about when they … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Technophobe

Here’s the thing. I’ve been using WORD 2003 since, well, 2003. I’ve been putting off upgrading because every time you upgrade, the programs you’ve been using do one of two things. They look so different that you can’t find the … Continue reading

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The Evolution of an Office

by Kaitlyn Dunnett The discussion of writing off the grid following my last blog here (September 6) got me thinking about the very basic tools of the trade: pen or pencil; ink; typewriter; word processor. I use those tools, for … Continue reading

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