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Working from home

A friend told me recently that her brother, who lives in what we around here think of as (The Other) Portland, is spending a month in Maine with their father to help him through some medical problems.  “Of course,” she … Continue reading

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A problem with books

When a writer refers to a book problem the assumption is she’s having trouble writing or revising. Writers have lots of those, but now I’ve got another problem with books: what to do with them when you move. My wife … Continue reading

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Seasonal adjustment

Is there anything more trite than observations about the changing seasons and how we react to those changes?  Poets, composers, and painters have had a field day with that subject, using it to explore attitudes toward life and death, the … Continue reading

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Saying thank you

At the risk of sounding like the curmudgeon that I no doubt am, I want to raise an issue of etiquette.  Etiquette?  Yep.  But I don’t mean complicated Emily Post stuff like distinguishing between the salad fork and the fish … Continue reading

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My mother would kill me

My mother would kill me.  Of course she wouldn’t literally, she whose love for my sister and me was the driving force of her life, but the old expression got a workout throughout my youth:  my mother would kill me … Continue reading

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Mistaking the world for a book

A friend for whom the expression passionate reader is a vast understatement sent me this quotation from Michelle de Kretzer’s The Hamilton Case:  “Now I saw that I had fallen for an old enchantment.  I had mistaken the world for … Continue reading

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Starting Over

William Andrews: It’s Friday the 13th, and in the spirit of bad luck said to occur on such days I offer this tale as my first MCW blog.  May this and all your days be lucky. In early October of 2016 … Continue reading

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