Guilty Pleasures

Jayne Hitchcock here. As a writer, some people have preconceptions about me. When they hear me speak or see me at a book signing, I’m usually dressed to the nines. I have a BMW (an older one, but it’s in great shape, so it looks newer) and a pretty good looking husband (if I do say so myself). When it comes to Q&A or socializing after an event, it’s funny how many think I sit at home at night with a glass of scotch and read Shakespeare, Tolstoy or some other dead author’s works.

When I tell them I prefer crime thrillers, fantasy, horror and sci-fi, they are mildly appalled.

They would probably be more appalled if they knew what else I liked. For TV shows it ranges from Bones to Rizolli & Isles to Under the Dome, Tosh 2.0, Ridiculousness, Celebrity Name Game, The Following, Warehouse 13, Haven and Antiques Roadshow. Music is mainly new country, rock and hard rock, with a little Lady Gaga, Five Finger Death Punch and Adele thrown in.

Movies range from the Fast & Furious franchise to Star Wars (the original ones, pfft), Lord of the Rings, Red series, Connie & Carla, Moulin Rouge, anything with Harrison Ford or Jason Statham in it and animated movies.

I am just not in documentaries, dramas, historical, political, etc. I like to be entertained. I live enough in the world of cyber crime every day that when my day does end, I want to get lost in a story or music.

So, what are your guilty pleasures when it comes to entertainment?

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8 Responses to Guilty Pleasures

  1. Gram says:

    Lt. Joe Kenda: Homicide Hunter on ID…my better half calls him my boyfriend.

  2. Beverly Flanagan says:

    What a fun question! I agree with you on the desire, even the need to be entertained. As a Long Term Care Ombudsman I deal with problems constantly in my job; solving-problems as a Resident Advocate IS my job. And some problems are very serious.

    So among my “guilty pleasures” are British Comedies, such as AS TIME GOES BY, TO THE MANOR BORN, and DOC MARTIN. Never too much or too many of them. I love historical dramas, especially British, such as POLDARK, or a mix of comedy and drama such as ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL. Guess I’m an Anglophile for sure.

    I also love nature documentaries, the kind that show the houses of different animals and birds and their families live. And since these can be about any part of this world we live in, I enjoy travel shows, all kinds of travel shows.

    I love programs such as SAY YES TO THE DRESS, which I started watching with my future daughter-in-law two years ago and never stopped, and HOUSE HHUNTERS, especially those that are International, or have a theme such as BEACHFRONT BARGAINS.

  3. Karen says:

    Two very guilty pleasures are the TV series, PENNY DREADFUL and THE KNICK.

  4. Valerie L. Egar says:

    Great post! Guilty pleasure: Project Runway and Millionaire Matchmaker.

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