Weekend Update: August 27-28, 2022

Next week at Maine Crime Writers there will be posts by Charlene D’Avanzo (Monday), Kaitlyn Dunnett/Kathy Lynn Emerson (Thursday), and Kate Flora (Friday).

In the news department, here’s what’s happening with some of us who blog regularly at Maine Crime Writers:

In case you missed it, John Clark’s anthology of Y/A stories is now available as a print or e-book. https://www.amazon.com/HardScrabble-Kids-Semi-magical-tales-Maine/dp/B0B6XZ2RX2/ref=sr_1_1?crid=W1X2BPGWBH7X&keywords=John+Clark+Hardscrabble+Kids&qid=1661561267&sprefix=john+clark+hardscrabble+kids%2Caps%2C130&sr=8-1

With the end of summer upon us, you’re probably busy out recreating, but in case you’re reading this, we’d love to know what readers of the blog would like to see more of. Writing advice? More about why Maine is such a draw for writers? Information about our upcoming books? Crime writing is a community, and we like to think there is also a community of Maine Crime Writers and our readers.

 And here are a few photos from this Maine summer to enjoy.

Mushrooms at the Crystal Springs farmers market

Musicians at the Farmer’s Market

A very inventive little library on Bailey Island

Porcelain Peak – a mini mountain of old toilets, sinks and tubs at the Harpswell transfer station

An invitation to readers of this blog: Do you have news relating to Maine, Crime, or Writing? We’d love to hear from you. Just comment below to share.

And a reminder: If your library, school, or organization is looking for a speaker, we are often available to talk about the writing process, research, where we get our ideas, and other mysteries of the business, along with the very popular “Making a Mystery” with audience participation, and “Casting Call: How We Staff Our Mysteries.” We also do programs on Zoom. Contact Kate Flora

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