Hitting the road for more cool Maine stuff

My sister Liz was visiting from Oregon recently, and we took the opportunity to take a day trip up to Piscataquis County, since she hadn’t been there before.

It was rainy and cool out, but that actually added to the coolness of the trip. After checking out a gallery or two in  Monson, we headed up to Greenville, where we visited the remains of the B-52 crash on Elephant Mountain.

The January 1963 crash killed  seven of the nine crew members on board. While investigators picked up much of  the debris to investigate the crash, it was returned to the site for a memorial.

The rainy late afternoon woods added to what’s a really eerie site.

It’s easy to get to, a drive and then walk into the woods. Click here for more info on the crash and directions.

My current in-progress book is in Piscataquis County, but not this part. You can bet this’ll be in some future book though.

Here are some photos (and afterward, we stopped by Lilly Bay State Park for the sunset, so there are a couple of those, too).

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  1. We were up that way last Saturday, took a chilly, but enjoyable trip on the Katahdin.

  2. bethc2015 says:

    This sure is good fodder for a future story.

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