Short and Sweet

Dorothy Cannell:

My husband, Julian, and I are in the midst of a family reunion in celebration of his Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 5.45.52 PMeightieth birthday.  It is wonderful to be surrounded by children, grandchildren, siblings and cousins, and I’m grateful that unlike similar events featured in traditional mysteries, particularly of the golden age, murder is not inevitable.  I do, however, regret the absence of a butler, housekeeper, and numerous maids; and (best of all) a cook capable of providing sixteen-course dinners.  A gong would also be convenient, far more civilized than having to yell up and down stairs that the paper plates have been tossed on the kitchen island and, “come and grab it.”

We solved the birthday banquet by taking sixteen famished souls out to Anglers, a family style restaurant in Searsport where we hoped to please every pallet from chicken fingers to lobster.  Julian learned shortly after we moved to the area that Anglers is where the locals go and, therefore, was bound to be good.  We could have ordered dessert there, but I felt I should exert myself to provide this at home.  I don’t do much baking in summer, but felt it was letting the side down to buy a cake; so I decided on a frozen recipe I have been making for years.

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 5.46.27 PMActually it is stretching things to claim a recipe.  It’s just something I made up and discovered the results were worth a repeat performance.

Combine equal amounts of sherbet and Cool Whip, having first set out to soften. Should take about five minutes. I used two containers of sherbet and estimated with the Cool Whip. Spread in a rectangular baking pan. I use disposable foil.  Top with Oreos ground in food processor, blender, or place in a freezer bag and stomp on them.

My preference for the sherbet was lime or lemon, but these don’t seem readily available Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 5.46.58 PManymore so I used orange.

Cover with tin foil and freeze.  I made mine several days ahead.

Even my picky grandchildren liked it.

Happy reading and eating.


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